26 yoga postures in a hot room


ElizabethElizabeth took her first Bikram yoga class in August of 2000 then signed up for teacher training after her 5th class. She has practiced yoga 5+ days a week since 2000 & has been teaching enthusiastically in Corvallis since 2002. Whether on her mat, or at the front of the room, Elizabeth always finds the yoga practice to be enlightening, intriguing, and powerful. Magnetize Elizabeth’s passion for yoga by a quantum leap and you’ll find yourself blissfully relaxed in her hypnosis chair – easing your life in the direction of your dreams. The levels of healing that can be found within the body are mirrored in the unconscious mind. Hypnosis, a powerful tool, similar to yoga, can help to instill or nourish the resources for the true expression of your authentic self. Are you ready to fully, shine? To live the highest expression of your being? To remove all barriers that hold you back?

jeannie 1Find out more about Elizabeth and her hypnosis and healing work at http://elizabethweberhealingarts.com

Jeannie ~ I started my Bikram Yoga practice in February of 2002 and completed teacher training in the Fall of 2003. I love the yoga and am a regular teacher in the Corvallis Bikram studio.


CarolCarol ~ I went to Teacher Training in spring of 2007 in Hawaii. I am honored to be a part of Bikram Yoga of Corvallis. I am a Mother of 6 children, and a Grandmother of 9. My biggest addiction is BIKRAM YOGA! My one wish is that we change the world one yogi at a time, and that as we age we always use “Integrity” in our life, to do what we do when someone is looking and when they are not. I love what this yoga does for me and the yoga community.


Steve ~ I took my first Bikram Yoga class September of 2006 after my wife brow beat me for a year and a half to try it. The entire 90 minutes I thought she was trying to collect on my life insurance policy. After that first class, I felt so good and so energized I had to go back. I have been going ever since. I went to teacher training Spring of 2007. My prior choice of exercise had been the sport of powerlifting. However, due to work-related injuries I incurred over the years, my range of motion was extremely limited. As my favorite saying goes, “if you always do what you’ve done, you’ll always be what you’ve been.” So I made a change. I am very fortunate to be able to teach at the Corvallis studio. It has enabled me to preach what I practice.

Erika Bow


Erika believes strongly in a daily practice, and using the yoga to mindfully find and challenge one’s edge. Pushing through and beyond perceived limitations became more tangible during Training as trainees were instructed by Craig Villani to “Break Through the Boundary Line.” In so doing, Bikram’s words ring true: “The worst crime in human life is that, because of lack of Self Realization, we always underestimate ourselves.”


1 heidiHeidi ~ I attended a yoga class on the very first day Elizabeth opened her studio. I’ve been coming ever since. For years, it’s been on the back of my mind that I wanted to attend teacher training after I retired from my career. After a dear friend died, I realized I shouldn’t put my dreams on hold. I attended teacher training in Thailand in the fall of 2014. I now have the opportunity to teach in Corvallis and absolutely love it.

colin-mugColin ~ As a teacher and a practitioner of Bikram yoga, I encourage a strong connection to the awareness of breath. It took me many years of practice before I had the “Aha” moment and realized that if I could control my breathing I could exert influence over my body and eventually over my mind, as well. I have devoted myself to regular practice for many years and every time I step into the room I am grateful for the chance to do so. I first encountered Bikram yoga in 2007 after a running friend challenged me to get through one single class. That first class was really tough and life-changing because I quickly sensed that this yoga, this specific set of postures in this specific environment, would help me heal and keep my body healthy for the rest of my life. So I went back and have been going back regularly since that time and love the yoga journey that has unfolded over the years. As a teacher now, I draw inspiration from the focus and dedication that I see from our students every day in the room.

ita-mug“I wish I knew who I am, or how to introduce myself… but I am still discovering. Every now and then something, someone moves me, and it is then when I am able to glimpse bits and pieces of my truth. An instinct of freedom and life guides me and I portray in every dimension elements of my being. Gradually, I create myself.”

Ita believes in the power of collective wisdom and the importance of developing awareness through connection. She finds profound inspiration in nature and complements her life passions with the discipline of yoga. Ita’s dedication to yoga has helped her acknowledge some of her patterns and move towards a more centered self. You will often find her practicing with her mother.

MartyMarty took her first Bikram Yoga class in 2005 and was instantly hooked! Soon after, she moved to a town that had a Bikram studio in order to complete the 60 Day Challenge. If you can do Bikram Yoga for 60 days in a row, you can do anything! Marty attended Teacher Training in 2006 and has been passionately teaching the 26 and 2 ever since. Marty holds a deep respect for the yogic principles that Bikram Yoga is based on. She has taught thousands of classes, and feels blessed to witness the healing and transformation that all dedicated Bikram Yoga students experience. Marty teaches from a place of knowing ­ knowing that Bikram Yoga in its purest form works, for every student, every time.

jleslieLeslie ~ I had been teaching power yoga for a few years when I was first introduced to Bikram Yoga — by one of my students. I was not prepared. I was not prepared to keep my eyes open throughout the entire class. I could do the poses: I have always been athletic, persevering. But I was instantly sparked by the directive to keep focus on myself, eyes open.  While I continued to teach power yoga, Bikram Yoga became my practice, my personal retreat. I quickly began to see changes in my character — new devotion, dedication, discipline, courage, concentration — and changes in my body. My skin fit better, my back became stronger, my breath deepened. I could focus on myself in the mirror. I knew I needed to share the power of the yoga with others so I completed the Bikram Yoga certification in June 2013.

KimKim ~ My practice started in 2007 when I was a rower at CSU and needed something to supplement my workouts for the off-season. A friend recommended Bikram Yoga, saying that it was a total body workout, and great for cross-training. After almost passing out during my first class, I wasn’t yet hooked, but definitely intrigued! After graduation, and a move to Corvallis, I was delighted in knowing there was a Bikram studio in town where I could continue my practice. I immediately started a 60 day challenge that progressed into over 100 consecutive days. I was soon welcoming the healing heat. That was when I knew this yoga was me. It was an exercise that I could do on a consistent basis, that was healing my body, not causing more harm to it. I could see my body changing on the outside, and my mind expanding, stepping up to new challenges and pushing past previous limitations. Wanting to further my practice and knowledge of yoga, I attended the Spring 2009 Bikram Yoga College of India and recently began my teaching career. Every class, whether practicing or teaching,is a honor and an opportunity to learn of the endless possibilities that not only surround us but are found within us.