26 yoga postures in a hot room

Class Schedule


 All classes are 90 minutes!

(Please Note Holiday Schedule Changes below)

Please dress lightly, bring a water bottle, bath-size towel and yoga mat. Come well-hydrated and don’t eat right before class.  Show up 15 minutes prior to your first class. Doors close at class time. 

 Holiday Schedule:

Memorial Day weekend: 9am classes only (Sat, Sun, Mon)

July 3rd: 6am & 9am classes only (Wed)

July 4th: 9am class only (Thurs)

Labor Day weekend: 9am classes only (Sat, Sun, Mon)

Halloween: 6am, 9am & 4:30pm classes only (Thurs)

Thanksgiving : No 6:30pm class (Wed) 9am classes only (Thurs and Friday) 

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: 9am classes only (Tues and Wed)

New Years Eve: 9am class only (Tues)

New Years Day: 9am class only (Wed)